CALS Campus Involvement

This blog will be posted on the UW Madison CALS Ambassador page at; it is meant to assist in recruitment efforts to the University.

Ever since I was a young child, I have wanted to be part of the Badger family. Growing up near Madison gave me a glimpse of the campus, but when I started to research UW-Madison more in high school and look opportunities offered elsewhere, I was continually amazed with the amount of campus involvement and clubs outside of my classes that Madison offered.

For me, it wasn’t the amazing academics, research opportunities or big ten athletics that drew me to the Madison campus. Although all of those things were benefits, I was enamored with the opportunities I would be offered through involvement in clubs across the CALS campus and experiences outside the classroom.

I am currently on a bus with 50 of my peers on the way to Ohio State University for the American Dairy Science Association Conference as part of Badger Dairy Club. Through BDC, I have had the opportunity to work at World Dairy Expo in Madison every year, attend conferences like ADSA and participate in a variety of networking experiences. BDC is an extremely social club and some of my favorite college memories have happened through BDC involvement.

Another organization that drew me to the campus was the Association of Women in Agriculture or AWA. Through AWA, I have created some lifelong friendships and really found my family within the CALS community. I have found a group of girls who have become like a true family through this professional, service and social organization.

Lastly, I have been part of the UW-Madison chapter of NAMA (National Agri-Marketing Association). NAMA is a small organization that connects directly to my intended career, agriculture marketing. Every year we create a marketing plan and compete at a national competition. NAMA has connected me with professionals who I am bound to work with and who have provided guidance for me throughout my college career.

Whether it is the athletics, the world class research institution or the big ten atmosphere that draws you to Madison, remember that as a student your experience will be far more valuable if you make connections with people who have similar interests through clubs and extra-curricular organizations. UW-Madison offers more than 700 student organizations and many of those are through the CALS campus.
I look forward to seeing you on campus in the future and hope that you will consider joining some of the many organizations UW-Madison has to offer.